why carbon steel?

When considering purchasing a piece of carbon steel cookware you may be facing the question of why carbon steel over other materials. Every material has its benefits and deficiencies when it comes to form, function and performance but here are some things to consider:

1. Carbon steel heats up fast and retains heat well.

Carbon steel heats up fast and retains heat well when compared to other materials. It has a higher thermal diffusivity than stainless steel and is a close cousin in this department to cast iron (1).

2. Carbon steel comes in many shapes and forms and is lighter than cast iron.

Carbon steel is more malleable and lighter than cast iron. The increased malleability of carbon steel allows for a variety of shapes in cookware and allows for sloped edges on pans which have many cooking benefits (2). It is also lighter than carbon steel and can be handled with more ease and fluidity than cast iron. 

3. Carbon steel will not shed harmful toxins into your food.

Unlike copper and aluminum and stainless steel, carbon steel has low reactivity or in layman's terms, it is less likely to react with your food and expose you to potentially harmful substances through reactions (3).

4. Carbon steel is tough and can be used on most heat sources.

Carbon steel is extremely durable, can be exposed to high temperatures, and can be cooked with on pretty much any heat source. Unlike softer metals, carbon steel is very similar to cast iron in the way that it is mostly iron and so can be used in the oven, on induction burners, on the grill, or even on an open fire without significant impact on the material.

5. Carbon steel is non-stick without the addition of hazardous materials. 

Carbon steel is nonstick when seasoned without the application of potentially hazardous and toxic chemicals used in nonstick coatings (4).

At Blanc, we believe in using materials that can last and be passed down through generations. Carbon steel has always made sense for us as a cookware material due to its long-lasting nature, its conductivity abilities, and its non-toxic qualities. Our carbon steel cookware is hand crafted for precision and excellence and our products are guaranteed for life. 

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