Our Company:

Founded in 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia by Owner Corry Blanc. Originally from Georgia, Corry began working with metal at a young age in his uncle's fabrication shop. With a strong background in art, he sought to bring a more artistic approach to metal fabrication and began prototyping products for individuals like himself. We are passionate about quality and beauty. We admire the workmanship of yore and seek to bring the tradition of hand crafted goods into modern homes. We aim to craft heirlooms that will last for generations and see use on the daily. 

Company Facts:

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia in the Belmont neighborhood

We are a team of 10 employees. (January 2017)

Our Customer Base:

We sell primarily through our online store and have customers around the globe.  

Our products are in use throughout many of our city's top restaurants including Brookville, The LocalMas and The Shack, as well as Blue Hill of NY and Husk in TN and SC.  

Logo's and Images:

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