Okay, All... we've decided to make a few changes to our line-up. Over the years we've grown our line to meet demands for larger and taller cookware. After three years we've put together a line up comprising twelve styles of different shapes and sizes. 

Moving forward we want to pare down and condense our line-up. We are retiring the skillet line, the original skillet, in favor of the current sauté line. 

Here is the catch: We are going to rename the sauté line as the skillet line. 

Still with me? Here is why... the Sauté line has the same footprint as the skillet, with a slightly taller wall. More and more we find their uses to be synonymous. We want to hold on to the skillet name, but give them an upgrade to a more versatile shape. 

Say goodbye to the sauté name, and hello the new and improved skillet. 

We will continue to make the (traditional) skillet shape for another month or so. Some are still available through our store and when we sell out there, feel free to email us and see if we have a few more. 


Thanks for entertaining our bizarre maneuvers, 

- The Crew