Meet the Crew

Corry Blanc

Founder // Head Blacksmith


Vu Nguyen

Head of Production // Chef

Charles Feneaux



Clay Murdoch

Head Woodsmith

Ryan Hammer

Senior Blacksmith



David Kessel

Kelsey Hickman

Richard McDaniel

Chad Coffman



Keith Freeman

Business & Marketing Director

Danny Toporovsky

Head of Production

Our company was founded in 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia by owner Corry Blanc. Fusing strong culinary roots and refined artistic backgrounds, our company strives to create a tool that is as beautiful as it is high-performing. This passion drew our current team together, now comprising artists, chefs, and designers. Each piece is forged in-house and entirely by hand. We admire the workmanship of yore and seek to bring the tradition of hand-crafted goods into modern homes. We aim to craft heirlooms that will last for generations and see use on the daily. Durable, beautiful, and guaranteed for life.