Carbon steel provides a lot of the same cooking advantages of cast iron without the design limitations. Because mild or low carbon steel contains less carbon in its iron to carbon ratio, carbon steel is more malleable and tougher than cast iron. This means that it can take on a thinner sidewall, a longer handle, and a more ergonomic design than cast iron.

How does this help? Well, it means that your pan will cook with all of the same properties of cast iron, but it will be more comfortable to maneuver, your handle will stay cooler, and you can be tougher on it.

Carbon steel can withstand tremendous heat, unlike laminated or coated cookware. You can sear proteins at high temps, cook under the broiler or even on the open fire. All of this can be done without worrying about thermal shock or cracking.

Care and seasoning

Carbon steel is a reactive material. While, yes, this does mean your cookware can rust, it also means that your cookware will bond with oil and develop an oil-based seasoning. Seasoning will yield greater performance and better food release and your seasoning will become better with use and time. As your pan base darkens and bonds with oil, your food will release more easily, eggs will slide across the pan base. Don’t leave lemons in your pan for a week and you'll be a-okay.

Some folks worry that carbon steel requires extra attention; we often say that the less you do the better. As the old saying goes, let the tool do the work. Do not worry about perfect maintenance. Keep your cookware greasy, well oiled, and it will reward you with decades of performance.

Things to note

Carbon steel wants to move when it is heated. To prevent warping or rocking on your stove top, we place a 1/16th of an inch concave arch in the base of each piece of cookware. This acts to prevent the steel from popping outward. You may notice that oil will pool towards the edge when your pan is cool. As it heats, the steel will relax and level out a touch. This is common in all carbon steel cookware.

Rest easy, it’s guaranteed

All Blanc cookware is guaranteed for life. Rest assured that very little can damage your cookware and if something should happen, we’re happy to help.

If you’re still unsure or have more questions, we would love to talk. Shoot us a message through our contact page and one of us will happily answer any questions you may have.