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Your carbon steel cookware will arrive tempered (which gives it the blue finish), and lightly coated with coconut oil to prevent oxidation during storage and shipping. We encourage you to season your cookware prior to use by washing off the coconut oil, drying the piece thoroughly, and then proceeding with your seasoning method and oil of choice.

After Use:

After cooking, rinse any food debris under warm running water. If necessary, use a wooden or silicone utensil, towel, or sponge to wipe away any remnants that don’t simply wash off. In the case of stubborn food particles, you can use salt as an abrasive by scouring the offending areas with a paper towel. 

Do not wash your carbon steel cookware in a dishwashing machine. 

After washing your piece, dry it immediately and thoroughly. 

For long-term storage, apply a thin coat of oil to the entirety of the piece to prevent the possibility of rust developing.