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Lifetime Guarantee

Our commitment to quality will never waver. Each piece of Blanc Creatives cookware is designed and individually handcrafted in the USA. Our talented team of craftspeople inspects every product multiple times throughout our manufacturing process.

There may be marks, small surface blemishes, natural discolorations, etc. that occur during the production process - these in no way affect the beauty and function of the cookware. As such, cosmetic markings are normal and fall within our rigorous quality control standards. Our products are living materials and will develop lovely, rich patinas with use.

We guarantee the quality of every Blanc Creatives product for life and are here to support you in your cooking journey. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, be it a repair or an oversight, reach out to us and we promise to find a solution.

We honor our warranty with Seconds Cookware save for cosmetic/aesthetic blemishes. For example, if you have used your new 11” Skillet so much that the handle has become a little loose, we will take care of that. But if you notice a tiny pit or scratch on the cooking surface of your pan, this will not be covered. By purchasing a second you acknowledge that the aesthetic issues are cause for discount and the performance of the tool is in no way hindered whatsoever. All seconds cookware has a “2” stamped into the underside of the handle. All items, including Seconds Cookware, in our Garage Sale, are final sale, nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, improper storage, normal wear and tear, or unauthorized modification or repair. This warranty, also, does not cover issues associated with "seasoning." Seasoning and maintenance is the responsibility of the customer.

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