Blacksmith holding a copper skillet pan standing in a workshop

Product Archive

Retired and limited release items from past collections These items are out of production and not available for purchase
Roasted chicken in a hand forged carbon steel heritage pan lying on a linen napkin
Handmade, hand forged heritage carbon steel skillet with roasted sausages on the pan
Handcrafted long handled heritage saucier
Handmade heritage saucier
Handmade, artisan heritage rondeau filled with food
Handcrafted heritage skillet with a piece of chicken being roasted in oil on it
Hand holding a pile of handcrafted wooden pinch pots made out of a variety of woods



Handmade cherry spatulas
Handmade, artisan cherry jam spoons in a pile
Handcrafted wooden colander spoons
Handcrafted cutting board being held
Handcrafted wooden serving boards
Handmade wooden egg holder board
Three handcrafted wooden egg cups
Handcrafted wooden rolling pin rolling out dough
Hands holding artisan wooden rolling pins
Handcrafted wood pinch pots
Handcrafted wood pinch pots
Handcrafted wood pinch pots
A series of hand forged chef knives on a marble counter



Small hand forged charcuterie cleaver
A handcrafted kitchen cleaver surrounded by charcuterie foods
Hand forged knife between two sliced blood oranges
Three hand forged, handmade knife
Hands holding knife and serving  board
Two handcrafted small cleavers
Three hand forged knives contrasting the marble beneath
Hand holding a handmade bench knife
Hand forged chef knife stack
Handmade garden tools lying in the grass next to a rock


barware & limited

Four handcrafted bottle openers
Handmade grill turner on top of a burned log
Handcrafted garden tools being held next to greenery
Hand forged brass keychain
Three handcrafted bottle openers made of a variety of woods
Handcrafted bottle opener lying on a hand forged carbon steel bakeware sheet