Our company was founded in 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia by owner Corry Blanc. Fusing strong culinary roots and curious artistic backgrounds, our company strives to create a tool that is as beautiful as it is high-performing. This passion drew our current team together, now comprising fifteen artists, chefs, and designers. 


Each piece is crafted in-house and entirely by hand. We admire the workmanship of yore and seek to bring the tradition of handcrafted goods into modern homes. We aim to craft heirlooms that will last for generations and see use on the daily. We want for you to have access to the products we wish to create and own ourselves.

Durable, beautiful, and guaranteed for life.  


Meet the Crew


Corry Blanc


Our man in charge is a North Georgia native and has been a Charlottesville local since 2007. He attended what he calls "The School of Life" with a concentration in YouTube and Google. Corry founded Blanc Creatives in 2011.

Podcast: How I Built This

Album: Top 5: Alice In Chains - Unplugged, Nirvana - Unplugged, Thrice - Beggars, Nathaniel Rateliff - Tearing at the Seams and Chris Cornell - Songbook.

Dumbest Injury: Exploding hot beans

Childhood Nickname: never cool enough to have a nickname

Spirit Animal: Bear

Dream Dinner Date: Maynard James Keenan

Hunter or Gatherer: Gatherer

Fave local eats/meal: Local: Lampo and Fleurie. Best experiences: Blue Hill Stone Barns, NY and Vespertine in L.A.

Drink: Manhattan on the rocks or Boulevardier

Blanc Product: ALL

Vu Nguyen

General Manager

All you need to know is that he is an ex-restaurateur.

Podcast: 99% Invisible

Album: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Dumbest Injury: Burned his forehead on a pan handle that was on a stove while reaching into an oven

Childhood Nickname: Chaton

Spirit Animal: Kitty cat riding a unicorn through a cote of doves to a Whitesnake soundtrack

Dream Dinner Date: Maydan with Audrey Hepburn

Hunter or Gatherer: Amazon Prime Member

Fave local eats/meal: Thai Food

Drink: Rose

Blanc Product: Key loop

Sarah Grace Cheek

Head of Woodshop

SG aka Sour Grapes was born + raised in Smithfield, VA. She received her Craft + Material Studies BFA with focuses in Furniture Design and Textiles/Weaving from Virginia Commonwealth University

Podcast: Radiolab

Album: This changes weekly but currently on repeat - Window Flowers by Liz Cooper & The Stampede

Dumbest Injury: Forgot to use an oven mitt to take her Blanc skillet out of the oven

Childhood Nickname: Cheekie, Sarah Gracie

Spirit Animal: wacky wavy inflatable air dancer tube - like the ones in front of car dealerships

Dream Dinner Date: Some time between 5:30-6pm on a summer evening when it's not too hot and there are no mosquitos

Hunter or Gatherer: Both

Fave local eats/meal: pasta from Sfoglina in DC

Drink: SG can usually be found toting around at least three beverages at any time of the day - gotta have options

Blanc Product: Garden Tools


Molly Schermer

Head of Table Top + Peripherals

Born and raised in Port Angeles on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Molly received her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University. She has studied blacksmithing and metalsmithing at the John C Campbell Folk School and Penland School of Crafts.

Podcast: Hidden Brain

Album: West of Roan

Dumbest Injury: Attempting to reforge the shards of Narsil

Spirit Animal: Salamander

Dream Dinner Date: Blue Hill at Stone Barns plus a farm tour

Hunter or Gatherer: Hunter

Fave local eats/meal: Shepherd's pie

Drink: Dry gin martini

Blanc Product: Pinch bowls

Chad Coffman

Head of Shipping + Logistics

Chad is originally from Broadway, VA and has a degree in Craft & Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also an ordained Friar.

Podcast: The Black Tapes

Album: Grace / Jeff Buckley

Dumbest injury: Love

Childhood nickname: Buck

Spirit Animal: Mockingbird

Dream dinner date: Jim Henson

Hunter or Gatherer: Starving artist

Fave local eats/meal: Yellow curry w/ tofu

Drink: Yes

Blanc Product: 11" Saucier with a long handle

Charles Lucien Fenaux

Head of Pan Production + Metal Shop

Charles of Buckingham loves trees + nature and baking. He's been educated in the proper English philosophical studies. He is a high ropes safety guide, trail blazer and worked previously as an architectural blacksmith.

Podcast: NPR's How I Built This with Guy Raz

Album: loves lots of music and can't choose a favorite album

Dumbest Injury: While trying to build himself a kite, he attempted to split a piece of bamboo and nearly cut his pointer finger off

Childhood Nickname: Phoenix

Spirit Animal: Elk

Dream Dinner Date: the love of his life

Hunter or Gatherer: Charles says "he hunts & he gathers. What kind of question is this?"

Fave local eats/meal: Quality Pie, Tomas is a brilliant chef and Charles eats anywhere he makes food

Drink: Water

Blanc Product: Always the Medium Saucier


Jacob Ogden

Head of Photography + Marketing

Jake is a true Trader Joes connoisseur. He has an MFA from Parsons School of Design and hails from Brooklyn.

Podcast: How Did This Get Made?

Album: Honey Bones - Dope Lemon

Dumbest Injury: Snowboarding

Childhood Nickname: Jakey

Spirit Animal: Frieda, Jake's dog

Dream Dinner Date: Bruce Nauman

Hunter or Gatherer: Gatherer

Fave local eats/meal: Lampo (hellboy)

Drink: Gin & Tonic

Blanc Product: Spreaders

Trey Corrin

Money Man

Trey enjoys long walks on the beach, cooking books, playing guitar & annoying coworkers by playing Phish.

Podcast: Phish by Phish for Phish

Album: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Live at the Fillmore East

Dumbest injury: NSFW

Childhood nickname: Trebuchet

Spirit Animal: Phish

Dream dinner date: Vu, but don't tell him that

Hunter or Gatherer: Depends on the target

Fave local eats/meal: Pho

Drink: Sanguine Cider - yes that's a real thing

Blanc Product: Copper Skillets

Danny Toporovsky

Table Top + Peripherals Production Associate

Danny is a Cville native that's lived in Cali, New York and has a good number of travel tales to share. One can usually find him working on Sudoku in the morning.

Podcast: Revisionist History

Album: Oh My Sexy Lord, Marijuana Death Squad

Dumbest injury: Stubbed toe

Spirit Animal: Chupacabra

Dream dinner date: Dave Chapelle, Dan Carlin & Joe Rogan

Hunter or Gatherer: Gatherer

Fave local eats/meal: Papusas from Cactus, in the Shell Gas Station

Drink: Aperol Spritz or grapefruit juice

Blanc Product: 11" skillet


Dave Heins

Metal Shop Production Associate

Originally from Arlington, VA. Dave is a dad, husband, brother, son, artist & a cook. He loves to travel all over the country to see live music. He has been known to sell and trade lapel pins and other "fan art" of his favorite bands.

Podcast: The Mike O'Meara Show

Album: #1 of all time: Graceland. Currently: Kasvot Växt: í rokk (Live)

Dumbest injury: Aquanet can fireball explosion

Childhood nickname: Wavey Davey

Spirit Animal: Wookie

Dream dinner date: Picnic at Wolftrap Farm

Hunter or Gatherer: Gatherer (he often finds marbles jewelry on the ground)

Fave local eats/meal: Domo

Drink: Bourbon & Cider

Blanc Product: 13" Roaster for daily use

Chadwick Doyle

Metal Shop Production Associate

Originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, Chadwick is big into music festivals and events. He believes live music saves lives.

Podcast: Small Town Murder

Album: Anything by Greensky Bluegrass

Dumbest injury: Somewhere around the age of 4, tried to sit on a glass cup

Childhood nickname: Chadillac

Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear

Dream dinner date: November 28th

Hunter or Gatherer: Opportunist

Fave local eats/meal: Oakhart Social or Maya Restaurant

Drink: Blackberry moonshine

Blanc Product: Large Roaster

Sarah Schleer

Table Top + Peripherals + Metal Shop Production Associate

Sarah was born in West Virginia & raised in New Jersey. She has an AFA,AAS from Ruritan Valley Community College and a BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University. Additionally, she has worked in restaurants and cafes since she was 13. More recently, she worked at Belmont Food Shop in Richmond, Va. Sarah says "It's a gem!".

Album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Dumbest Injury: Wire brushing on her first day at Blanc on her first pan

Childhood Nickname: Sas, Sassy, Sassafras, Sas Meister, Mini-me, Minnie, Mintie Rose, Scrunchy, Lil Scrappy, Bad Girl, Panther

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Dream Dinner Date: Family dinner for life

Hunter or Gatherer: Gatherer

Fave local eats/meal: Halva. All day, everyday

Drink: Negroni

Blanc Product: Cocktail spoon


Jacqui Stewart

Woodshop Production Associate

Jacqui is from Charlottesville, VA. She has a BFA in Furniture Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and worked for a furniture maker and a cabinet maker in Richmond, VA before coming to Blanc. She also works a side hustle at a natural food store in town.

Podcast: On Being

Album: Love & War & The Sea in Between

Dumbest Injury: Broken arm after biking down a hill and couldn't remember which brake was the front and which was the back

Childhood Nickname: Jackolantern

Spirit Animal: Dove

Dream Dinner Date: Grilling steaks at home with special people

Hunter or Gatherer: That's a tough one. Both, all the way

Fave local eats/meal: Mas Tapas, The Bebedero, Roots

Drink: Mezcal

Blanc Product: 11" loop handle Saucier

Spencer Stewart

Metal Shop Production Associate

Our youngest team member, Spencer, is from nearby Fluvanna and is Bodos #1 fan. He is known to always reverse into parking spots.

Album: Maroon 5's Overexposed

Dumbest Injury: Playing baseball with rocks & no helmet

Childhood Nickname: Being the first of twins, he was known as Thing 1

Spirit Animal: Snake

Dream Dinner Date: Somewhere on the beach

Hunter or Gatherer: Hunter

Fave local eats/meal: Bodos

Drink: Coca-Cola

Blanc Product: Pecan Chef's Knife


Scott Hodgson

Maintenance Extraordinaire

Scott is a United States Army Veteran originally from Grass Valley, CA. More importantly, he is the ultimate Dungeon Master.

Podcast: Hello From the Magic Tavern

Album: Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

Dumbest injury: Broke his pinky toe falling up the stairs

Childhood nickname: Scooter, Scotch Brite

Spirit animal: Narwhal or a Sloth

Dream dinner date: Dinner with Captain Picard in 10 Forward

Hunter or Gatherer: Hunter

Fave local eats/meal: Fox's Cafe - biscuits and gravy

Drink: Black coffee

Blanc product: Food Press

September 2017