Our company was founded in 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia by owner Corry Blanc. Fusing strong culinary roots and curious artistic backgrounds, our company strives to create a tool that is as beautiful as it is high-performing. This passion drew our current team together, now comprising ten artists, chefs, and designers. 


Each piece is forged in-house and entirely by hand. We admire the workmanship of yore and seek to bring the tradition of handcrafted goods into modern homes. We aim to craft heirlooms that will last for generations and see use on the daily. We want for you to have access to the products we wish to create and own ourselves.

Durable, beautiful, and guaranteed for life.  


Meet the Crew


Corry Blanc

Founder // Blacksmith & Designer

Corry comes from Georgia, where he began working with metal at a young age. After moving to Charlottesville in 2007 he began blacksmithing full-time, eventually branching out on his own in 2008. Blanc Creatives came together in 2011 and has grown steadily with Corry at the helm. 

Podcast of choice: How I Built This

Album of choice: Alice In Chains Unplugged

Once worked as a shampoo boy at a hair salon


Cville meal of choice: Gambas al' Parilla from Mas Tapas

Favors the 13" Large Roaster


Keith Freeman

Director of Business & Marketing// Photographer & Designer

Keith joined Blanc in 2015 while looking for a table saw for borrow. After spending a few years in photojournalism and working for a tech company, he jumped ship and joined the team full-time. He hails from New Jersey, lived in Maine for a few years, and landed in Charlottesville. 

Podcast: Revisionist History

Album: D'Angelo - Voodoo

Loses his keys often

Meal of choice: Artichokes from Mas Tapas

Small 9" Roaster for mushrooms and eggs



Danny Toporovsky 

Head of Production// Blacksmith

Danny is a Cville Native and joined us a few years back. He's lived in Cali, New York, and has a good number of travel tales to share. Today he leads our production team and keeps all of the loose ends tied up. 

Podcast: All Things Considered

Album: John Denver: Greatest Hits

Makes some mean sour kraut

Meal of Choice: Roast Beef from Market Street Market

Medium 11" Skillet




Vu Nguyen

Head of Production // Blacksmith // Chef

Vu is a swiss army knife. He's been blacksmithing with our team since early 2016. A graduate of UVA and native to Cville for many years. Born in Thailand, he has also lived in Chicago and Washington, D.C.. Vu is a talented Chef and has owned and operated a few restaurants in Charlottesville. Today he leads our production team, acts as our quality control guru, and whips up the beautiful meals we photograph for our website. 

Podcast: 99% Invisible

Album: Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Meal of Choice: Metropolitan, October 1998

Medium 11" Skillet


Ryan Hammer

Senior Blacksmith

Ryan joined our team a few years back. Born in Cali, raised in SoCal and China, eventually landing here in Charlottesville. More than a pretty face, Ryan is a talented craftsman, a knowledgeable outdoorsman, and a happy spirit. 

Podcast: Your Mom's House

Album: The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face, Man Man 

Tenacious, can spin a roaster like a basketball on pointer finger, likes turtles

Meal of Choice: Blue Moon Diner, Brunch Baby

Long-Handled Medium 11" Saucier


Charles Lucien Fenaux


Charles a.k.a. Chuckles has been blacksmithing for a good few years. He made knives in Alaska and architectural fixtures in VA before joining the Blanc Team. He and his family ran a bakery for years and he knows what long days and hard work look like. Today you can find him working on pan production, often dressed like a sharp-looking Floridian retiree. He is a great audience for any joke you may have to tell, try him. 

Podcast: Ted Radio Hour, NPR

Album: Private Revolution by World Party

Large 13" Skillet




David Kessel

Woodsmith // Shipping Manager

David has an impressive collection of merit badges on his sash. He's attended some of our countries best academic institutions, he's a Fulbright scholar, travels to India often to practice and study yoga, and can make a mean cappuccino, the old-fashioned way. Before joining us he was working as an editor and translator for a Russian newspaper. Today he crafts our wood goods and makes sure all of our shipments are packed and on their way to you. 

Loves his Corgi

Podcast: Radiolab // The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

Album: Nothing beats a Michael Jackson dance party

Meal of choice: A barful of wine and treats for two at Mas Tapas 

Medium 11" Roaster & Wooden Spoon


Chad Coffman


Chad has a good deal of experience working in the arts and in production. Prior to joining Blanc, he was working in the ceramic and glass arts out in Washington state. He's a proud fantasy enthusiast and full of humor. Today he's taken his experience to our production team, cranking out pan after pan in our studio. 

Ordained Friar

Podcast: Tanis

Album: Radiohead - OK Computer

Meal of choice: Monsoon Siam Thai

Large 13" Skillet


Retired* - Kelsey Hickman


Kelsey joined us a few months back and is now a solid addition to our pan production team. She's a Cville native, though she's spent time living in Colorado and out of a ford ranger through Arizona and Cali. She's a hard worker and a proud Mama to three-year-old, Oliver. Also, she went the extra mile to get a black eye in a longboarding accident, just in time for tintypes. Looking extra tough, Kels. 

Podcast: Stuff Your Mom Never Told You

Album: Shakey Graves - And The War Came

Meal: An entire Dr. Ho's Humble Pie and a beer, or two

Small 9" Skillet




Molly Schermer


Molly is our newest blacksmith, though she comes to us with a background in metalworking. She is from Washington State and now lives in Staunton, VA. Before joining Blanc, she was working in the restaurant world and on a farm. She is cheerful and taciturn and loves to take surveys. 

Album: West of Roan

Meal of choice: Bodo's Bagels

Rocks a flip phone

Medium 11" Skillet

*Retired - Clay Murdoch

Woodsmith // Designer

Clay is the captain of the woodshop, cranking out our beloved wood goods. Sharp attention to detail and a great eye for balance. Before joining Blanc three years ago, Clay was building custom furniture and running the cables that make the internet possible. 

Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience

Album: Rush 2112

Born in San Juan, PR

Once ate three chipotle burritos in one sitting

Meal of choice: A fat sub from Ivy Provisions 

Small 9" skillet for eggs


September 2017