Meet the Crew

Corry Blanc

Founder // Blacksmith & Designer

Corry comes from Georgia, where he began working with metal at a young age. After moving to Charlottesville in 2007 he began blacksmithing full-time, eventually branching out on his own in 2008. Blanc Creatives came together in 2011 and has grown steadily with Corry at the helm. 

Podcast of choice: How This is Made

Album of choice: Alice In Chains Unplugged

Once worked as a shampoo boy at a hair salon


Cville meal of choice: Gambas al' Parilla from Mas Tapas

Favors the 13" Large Roaster


Clay Murdoch

Woodsmith // Designer

Clay is the captain of the woodshop, cranking out our beloved wood goods. Sharp attention to detail and a great eye for balance. Before joining Blanc three years ago, Clay was building custom furniture and running the cables that make the internet possible. 

Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience

Album: Rush 2112

Born in San Juan, PR

Once ate three chipotle burritos in one sitting

Meal of choice: A fat sub from Ivy Provisions 

8" skillet for frying eggs


Keith Freeman

Director of Business & Marketing// Photographer & Designer

Keith joined Blanc in 2015 while looking for a table saw for borrow. After spending a few years in photojournalism and working for a tech company, he jumped ship and joined the team full-time. He hails from New Jersey, lived in Maine for a few years, and landed in Charlottesville. 

Podcast: Revisionist History

Album: D'Angelo - Voodoo

Loses his keys often

Meal of choice: Artichokes from Mas Tapas

Small Roaster for mushrooms and eggs




Ryan Hammer

Senior Blacksmith

Ryan joined our team a few years back. Born in Cali, raised in SoCal and China, eventually landing here in Charlottesville. More than a pretty face, Ryan is a talented craftsman, a knowledgeable outdoorsman, and a happy spirit. 

Podcast: Your Mom's House

Album: The Man in a Blue Turban with a Face, Man Man 

Tenacious, can spin a roaster like a basketball on pointer finger, likes turtles

Meal of Choice: Blue Moon Diner, Brunch Baby

Long Handled Saucier


Danny Toporovsky 

Head of Production// Blacksmith

Danny is a Cville Native and joined us a few years back. He's lived in Cali, New York, and has a good number of travel tales to share. Today he leads our production team and keeps all of the loose ends tied up. 

Podcast: All Things Considered

Album: John Denver: Greatest Hits

Makes some mean sour kraut

Meal of Choice: Roast Beef from Market Street Market

11" Saute



Vu Nguyen

Head of Production // Blacksmith // Chef

Vu is a swiss army knife. He's been blacksmithing with our team since early 2016. A graduate of UVA and native to Cville for many years. Born in Thailand, he has also lived in Chicago and Washington, D.C.. Vu is a talented Chef and has owned and operated a few restaurants in Charlottesville. Today he leads our production team, acts as our quality control guru, and whips up the beautiful meals we photograph for our website. 

Podcast: 99% Invisible

Album: Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Meal of Choice: Metropolitan, October 1998

11" Large Saute



Charles Lucien Fenaux


Charles a.k.a. Chuckles has been blacksmithing for a good few years. He made knives in Alaska and architectural fixtures in VA before joining the Blanc Team. He and his family ran a bakery for years and he knows what long days and hard work look like. Today you can find him working on pan production, often dressed like a sharp-looking Floridian retiree. He is a great audience for any joke you may have to tell, try him. 

Podcast: Ted Radio Hour, NPR

Album: Private Revolution by World Party

Large Sauté



David Kessel

Woodsmith // Shipping Manager

David has an impressive collection of merit badges on his sash. He's attended some of our countries best academic institutions, he's a Fulbright scholar, travels to India often to practice and study yoga, and can make a mean cappuccino, the old-fashioned way. Before joining us he was working as an editor and translator for a Russian newspaper. Today he crafts our wood goods and makes sure all of our shipments are packed and on their way to you. 

Loves his Corgi

Podcast: Radiolab // The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

Album: Nothing beats a Michael Jackson dance party

Meal of choice: A barful of wine and treats for two at Mas Tapas 

Medium Roaster & Wooden Spoon


Chad Coffman


Chad has a good deal of experience working in the arts and in production. Prior to joining Blanc, he was working in the ceramic and glass arts out in Washington state. He's a proud fantasy enthusiast and full of humor. Today he's taken his experience to our production team, cranking out pan after pan in our studio. 

Ordained Friar

Podcast: Tanis

Album: Radiohead - OK Computer

Meal of choice: Monsoon Siam Thai

Large Sauté



Kelsey Hickman


Kelsey joined us a few months back and is now a solid addition to our pan production team. She's a Cville native, though she's spent time living in Colorado and out of a ford ranger through Arizona and Cali. She's a hard worker and a proud Mama to three-year-old, Oliver. Also, she went the extra mile to get a black eye in a longboarding accident, just in time for tintypes. Looking extra tough, Kels. 

Podcast: Stuff Your Mom Never Told You

Album: Shakey Graves - And The War Came

Meal: An entire Dr. Ho's Humble Pie and a beer, or two

10" Skillet



Molly Schermer


Molly is our newest blacksmith, though she comes to us with a background in metalworking. She is from Washington State and now lives in Staunton, VA. Before joining Blanc, she was working in the restaurant world and on a farm. She is cheerful and taciturn and loves to take surveys. 

Album: West of Roan

Meal of choice: Bodo's Bagels

Rocks a flip phone

10 inch skillet

September 2017