Community Feature of Thomas Rahal featuring a chef cooking on an industrial stove


Chef Tomas Rahal of Quality Pie in Charlottesville, VA’s Belmont neighborhood shares his recipe for a hearty and delicious rice and mushroom dish known as Arroz Con Setas. Saffron, pumpkin, and chanterelles are done in a Spanish style, need we say more? Try out his recipe in a 13” Saucier.

Chef standing in his kitchen
Chef standing next to a carbon steel pan of cooking rice on a stove next to pots

Arroz con setas


2 cups high-quality arborio or paella rice

2 pinches saffron threads

2 quarts stock

4 tablespoons sweet butter

1 cup mirepoix vegetables w/ pumpkin diced

2 cups wild mushrooms

1/4 cup mascarpone

Dry sheep's milk cheese for grating

2 bay leaves

Sea salt

Black pepper

Amontillado or dry vermouth 


Clean mushrooms, mirepoix, and pumpkin, and use scraps to make a stock with a bay leaf. Bring to a low simmer for 30 min, allow to rest 30 min before using

Toast saffron over low heat quickly turning until dry enough to pulverize to powder

Use 1/2 butter to sautée mirepoix and pumpkin until softened, add bay leaf rice, turn frequently for 5 min, add 1/2 stock, and continue stirring. 
Add saffron, and continue stirring. 
When the stock has absorbed, add a healthy splash of sherry or vermouth, and add the remaining stock, stirring constantly. 
Season with salt/pepper, and add the remaining butter. 

Turn down to medium heat, stir constantly until stock is mostly absorbed turn off. Permit to rest before serving. Should be creamy, and slightly wet, you should add fresh thyme, mascarpone, or créme fraîche before serving.

Grate over nice dry cheese like Manchego or Pecorino. Pair with dry, floral Rueda, Viura, or Oloroso Sherry.

Carbon Steel pan of rice, shrimp and vegetables
Whole shrimp on a carbon steel pan on a stove