Care Instructions

Pans are Pre-Seasoned

Cookware is delivered with a preliminary seasoning. We encourage using a bit more oil for the first few uses. Allow your cookware to develop a strong seasoning over time and the results will yield a high performing, non-stick surface.   

Each pan is heat-treated in our kiln and seasoned using coconut oil, an oil that handles heat well and does not leave a sticky residue. 

Over time your pan's coloring may change. This is normal. Eventually your pan should darken towards a blueish/black patina. This signifies that your pan is well seasoned. 


After Use:

While your pan is still warm, rinse away food debris with water. 

Avoid the use of soap as this will breakdown the protective oil coating and damage your hard-earned seasoning. 

After rinsing, dry immediately with a cloth. This will prevent rust from forming on your pan. 


In the Case of Stubborn Food

If rinsing does not remove all of the food debris, reach for the salt. Salt will not break down the oils in the pan, but will act as an abrasive to remove stubborn food. Use a disposable cloth to break up any food. 

Follow this step with a thorough rinsing. Dry immediately. Lightly coat your pan with oil if you are storing long term. 


Long-term Care

Over time you may notice that your pan's cooking surface appears dull. If this is the case, heat your pan to a warm temperature and coat the pan in a high-temp oil of your choosing. 

A second option is to simply cook a meal that is rich in fat or oil.